BCLA Vision - Frequently Asked Questions
7 November 2021 

Below are answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any event queries, including issues with your conference registration, accessing the event platform, or can't find what you need online, contact [email protected]

If you have queries relating to your membership subscription or accessing your BCLA online account, contact [email protected] 


Q: Is BCLA still hosting a conference in Autumn 2021? 
Yes! The next conference, BCLA Vision, will be taking place virtually and will be live streamed across the globe on 7 November 2021. 

Q: What is the latest event update following the COVID-19 pandemic?
Due to the ongoing uncertainty and limitations with regards to hosting face-to-face events in the Winter, BCLA have decided to host BCLA Vision as a virtual event. The virtual format will allow for better planning and attendance as we enter more months of unclear travel restrictions and potential disruption.

Q: I want to attend BCLA Vision, which package should I choose?
For those who registered for the BCLA Virtual Clinical Conference in June 2021
If you booked either a Live Streaming Package or a Conference Plus Package for the June 2021 Virtual Clinical Conference, then you DO NOT need to register for this event. Online access to the live stream of BCLA Vision is included in your existing delegate package; your existing registration will be automatically transferred and you do not need to action anything. BCLA will contact you via email closer to the time of the event with further information about accessing BCLA Vision content. 

For those that did not register for the BCLA Virtual Conference in June 2021
If you did not register for or attend the BCLA Virtual Conference in June 2021, but wish to attend BCLA Vision, then you will be required to register for the event. Full details of the BCLA Vision delegate packages and rates can be found here

Q: I have not received an invitation email to access the conference site, what should I do
You will not receive a new invitation email if you already registered for the June BCLA Virtual Clinical Conference & Exhibition because your account on the conference site will have already been activated. You will simply need to log back in to your existing account on the conference site - BCLA will send email instructions closer to the time of the BCLA Vision event with details on how to regain access to your account.

If you have recently registered for the BCLA Vision event only, then you will receive an email from: [email protected] (please ensure you check your spam/junk folder for the above email and mark the above address as safe) approximately 2 weeks before the conference start date. This email will be your invitation to access the conference platform including all sessions. Please note that it is mandatory to create a profile on the conference site to access the live streaming and associated conference content – including messaging and meeting other delegates. 


Q: I already have an account on the conference site, but I cannot remember my password, what should I do?
If you attended the June Virtual Conference then you will already have an account on the conference site. To regain access to the conference site you should:

1. Enter your username which is the email you originally used to access the site.
2. Click on the 'need help logging in?' link
3. You will be given the option to reset your password.

Please ensure you check your junk/spam folder for the password reset email


Q: I am having trouble receiving emails from the conference site what should I do?
There are two IP addresses used by the conference site for outgoing emails. One is general and covers all outgoing messages including platform invites and notifications of messages and meetings. The other is for the password reset emails, and is set up to a different IP to make sure that they always come through. 

Please add these two IPs to your email white list (particularly useful if company firewalls are preventing you receiving emails from the conference platform): 

Password reset:


Q: I have accessed the conference site, but I am not able to check in to the sessions
You will not be able to check in to sessions until the conference is live.

When the conference goes live on 7 November, you need to go to the agenda page and search for the live session that you would like to attend. Once in the session description page, you need to click on the live stream button of the session where you will be asked to "check in" by entering the details requested (this is necessary if you want to get CET points).

If you are unable to proceed past this page, you can join the session directly by clicking on the arrow icon on the top-right of the page (next to the “X”) to open the session in a new tab. You should then be able to complete the details and proceed.

If you are not registered for CE points or with a professional body - enter NA in these fields. You will need to fill in your name and email to access the live session.

Q: My internet browser is blocking my access to the conference site, what do you recommend that I use?
For optimum viewing of the conference platform and associated content, please try to access the conference platform with a desktop computer or laptop rather than a tablet or a mobile app. Some browsers (e.g. Safari) have been reported to be causing browsing issues; please try using different browsers such as Google Chrome or FireFox if you are having trouble. If you are still unable to access the conference platform, please contact [email protected]


Q: How do I pay for a conference package?
You must purchase your package via the online registration system. The method of payment is card. All packages will be charged in Great British Pounds (GBP). If your home currency is not GBP, then the cost of your package will be automatically converted to your local currency by your bank. The rates published on the BCLA website are for guidance purposes only; the actual rate charged will be based on the currency conversion rate at time of booking.


Q: Will I receive any CE points for attending this event?
Yes, interactive CE points (UK only) will be available for selected lecture presentations attended. Please refer to the conference programme for details. Your attendance and participation in the live polling will be monitored. To avoid delays in receiving your CE points, please ensure that you submit your GOC number when checking in to the live CET lecture sessions. Find out more here. 


Q: I require a certificate of conference attendance. How do I obtain one?
If you require a conference Certificate of Attendance (CoA), then this can be supplied on request, post event. This certificate is to show proof that you attended BCLA Vision. A CE Certificate can also be supplied on request, post event and will included added details of the sessions that you attended (attendance data taken from the online attendee tracking) as to allow overseas attendees to obtain CE points from their local governing optical body. Contact [email protected] by 1 December 2021 should you wish to request a copy. 


Q: How do I book a workshop/peer review session?
There is no facility to reserve a workshop/peer review session at BCLA Vision (if included in the programme). Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis on the live event day. Please review the programme for more information. 

Q: Why are some of the workshop spaces limited?
There is a limit to the number of delegates that we can accommodate for sessions that require breakout rooms to aid with peer discussion. This is to fall in line with CE regulations and the guidelines with delegate to facilitator ratio. 

Q: Where can I view the booking terms and conditions?
The conference registration T&Cs can be downloaded here. Please ensure that you have read and understood the T&Cs before proceeding with your conference registration. 

Q: Am I eligible to receive the BCLA member rate towards my conference package?
 To qualify as a BCLA Member, you must have a valid BCLA Membership subscription at both the time of booking and at the conference itself. If you have any of the following membership subscriptions, you can book the at the discounted member rate: Full Membership, Retired Membership, Affiliate Online Membership, Newly Qualified Membership and Pre-reg membership, with further discounts available to UK and Overseas Student Members. Make sure that you have logged in to your BCLA member account in order to qualify for any applicable member discounts. Discounts are automatically calculated at time of registration. 

Q: I have a Register User Account; why can't I view the member rate?
Registered Users do not qualify for the member discount; the full rate will be payable. If you are not a BCLA member you need to either join as a full BCLA member or create a free Registered User account, otherwise you will not be able to proceed with your conference registration. If you already have an online profile, please do not create multiple accounts. You should contact [email protected] if you require assistance accessing your account. 

Q: I am a Trainee CLO, how do I proceed with my conference registration?
Before completing your conference registration online and to attend the event at the discounted student rate, you must first become a member of the BCLA. You will be required to join under the Pre-Reg membership category. You can join online HERE. Any Trainee CLOs that currently have a Free Student BCLA Membership should upgrade to BCLA Pre-Reg Membership. Contact [email protected] for assistance on upgrading your membership account. Trainee CLO's who do not wish to join as a member of the BCLA will be required to pay the non-member rate to attend the conference. 


Q: How do I log into my BCLA profile?
You would have created your profile at the time you joined as a member or registered for the event. Please note, your username is you email address. You can reset your password by following the steps shown HERE. Please do not create duplicate profiles. 

Q: I would like to register more than one person to attend the Conference; what should I do?
Group bookings for BCLA Vision are not accepted. If you are registering more than one person to attend the event then you will need to process each delegate registration online individually, as there is no facility online to book multiple colleagues at the same time. Only one conference booking can be processed per account, therefore each delegate will need to register themselves individually. If you are registering on behalf of a colleague, you will need the account holders permission to access their account in order to process their registration online. This will need to be done for each person you are registering on behalf of. Step by step instructions on how to process individual registrations can be found on the online booking page. 

Q: I have a promotional voucher code, where do I redeem it?
If you have a promotional voucher, you must enter it at point of checkout when processing your online registration. You must enter the voucher code before inputting your payment details by entering your code in the 'Promotional Offer' box on the checkout page and by clicking 'apply'. Please note that your final receipt will show the total cost paid after the discounts have been applied. The discount code reference will not appear on your final receipt. You will not be able to redeem vouchers under any circumstances once your conference registration as been completed.

Q: How do I get a copy of my conference booking receipt?
You will receive an auto confirmation email in your inbox shortly after completing your online registration (check your junk folder). We suggest that you keep a copy safe for future reference. If you would like to print a copy of your VAT receipt, simply go to your BCLA profile but clicking "Hi Your Name" at the top of the web page when logged in to your account. On your profile, click the "Print Invoices and Receipts" tab where you can download and print copies of your latest receipts. 

Q: I am trying to process my payment online, but I am receiving the "Error-15" message. How do I proceed?
If you receive ERROR-15 message then this is usually an issue with your bank. You will therefore need to contact your bank and give them instruction/permission to allow BCLA to process the funds for your registration fees. If the error persists, or you start receiving any other error messages, contact [email protected] 


Q: When is the last day to register for BCLA Vision?
The last day to register for the conference is 9 AM (GMT) 3 November 2021. Pre-booking is mandatory. No registrations will be accepted after this date/time. 


Q: Will the lectures be recorded?
Yes, all lectures taking place at BCLA Vision will be recorded, thus allowing conference registrants and/or attendees to catch up on any content missed during the live event.

Q: How do I access the online lectures post-conference?
All delegates that attend BCLA Vision will still have access to the conference site for up to 6 months after the event has taken place. You will need to log in to the conference site to access the lectures. Your login details will remain the same as when you first accessed the conference site.

1. On the conference website homepage, click on the "Lecture Recordings" tab
2. Find the lecture/session that you would like to watch (for speed, use the search box functionality) and click on a lecture/session title of choice to open it
3. In the lecture/session listing, click on the icon labelled "Watch on demand here" to watch any of the lectures on-demand 

Please allow up to 14 working days for the video recordings to become available on the conference site. BCLA will send an email notification once the videos are uploaded to the site.