BCLA @Yours Webinars 


The start of 2019 saw us launch our scientific evening meetings as a Webinar enabling more members to be able to tune in to the lecture, not just in the UK but across the globe. 

We are now pleased to say that the webinars broadcast to date are available to view online for all BCLA members and if you are eligible you can even get your CET points by completing the online quiz after viewing. The webinars are now available to view on BCLA's online learning platform. To get your login to access the online BCLA Learning Platform, email membership@bcla.org.uk 

If you are currently completing your Certificate in Dry Eye, then you will already have access to the learning platform. You can access the webinars using the same login, but you will need to contact membership@bcla.org.uk to gain access to the online resources section. 

We are very excited to announce the dates for some of our forthcoming webinars. Click here to find out what we have coming up!


Webinars now available online 'on-demand'

Webinar: Keratoconus: From detection to management - coming soon!
Webinar: The 'case' for water avoidance in CL wear - coming soon!
Webinar: New world of eye care: Delivering a service in a pandemic - coming soon!
Webinar: A Guide to Growing Your Contact Lens Business
Webinar: Presidential Address 'Making a lasting first impression'
Webinar: Contact Lens Practice in the Time of COVID-19
Webinar: Jump starting your scleral lens practice
Webinar: When was the last time you FITTED a soft lens? 
Webinar: Myopia management: Incentives and impediments 
Webinar: Different perspective on DED diagnostic & management 
Webinar: Optimise CL compliance & ensure patients love their CLs