BLOG: Are you seeing comfortably? Then we will begin… 

When it comes to wearing contact lenses, comfort is a leading factor when it comes to determining whether or not a lens will be ultimately be successful for a patient. When something is in such close contact with your body for so many hours every day, it’s imperative it fits correctly and is comfortable to wear.
A session at the forthcoming BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition will see Dr Trusit Dave ask the question ‘Are you seeing comfortably?’ before beginning to explore the issue of managing light to deliver patient benefits.
He will be assisted in the 50-minute session by Dr John Buch and Dr Billy Hammond, who will detail the challenges the visual system is exposed to on a daily basis. 
Dr Dave said: “Whilst we typically only measure Snellen acuity in clinical practice as an index of visual performance, there are a wealth of measures that are more representative of overall visual experience. 
“These measures, combined with research amongst consumers, indicates that we are currently not meeting the needs of contact lens wearers in terms of visual satisfaction. The factors behind this will be addressed as well as possible solutions that may become available. “
Trusit graduated in Optometry and Visual Science from City University in 1990. After qualifying in 1991, he undertook a PhD in the area of corneal topography which he completed in 1995. Trusit is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and a member of the College of Optometry and BCLA. He is currently a director for leading 3D ophthalmic animation company Optimed. 

Trusit has published papers in various journals and has lectured extensively across the world. He is also a research consultant to the contact lens industry and acts as an expert witness in medico-legal cases involving optometrists. Trusit is co-author of Orthokeratology: Principal and Practice. He is also co-inventor of the Topcon BV-1000 automated subjective refraction system. Trusit's research interests include aberrometry, tear film and optical instrument development.
His BCLA session will help delegates understand the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum and how we respond to it, while appreciating the concept of visual comfort compared to physical comfort.
Visitors will gain an understanding of how the fundamentals of visual performance can be measured while learning more about how the technology of light management may be applied to contact lenses to deliver patients benefits.
The refreshed and reimagined three-day Clinical Conference and Exhibition is returning to Manchester from May 30 to June 1, featuring an action-packed programme with keynote speakers from around the world.
Alcon and CooperVision are Partner Sponsors for the event while Johnson & Johnson Visioncare are Platinum Sponsors. Gold Sponsors are Menicon and SEED with Ultravision, Technology Sponsor is Topcon.

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