BLOG: Brexit briefing at BCLA will discuss issues surrounding medical device regulation 

The impact of Brexit will doubtless affect all of us in some shape or form, but what does it mean specifically for the contact lens world?
As with most things Brexit-related, the honest answer is we don’t really know just yet, but with details starting to emerge of potential changes afoot now is an opportune time to get up-to-date and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.
A workshop to be held at the forthcoming BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition will look closely at new procedures around medical device regulation due to come into effect next May.
Nicoletta Losi, president of EUROMCONTACT, will examine the current contact lens market in a host of EU countries and gauge the likely impact the new regulation will have.
She said: “We are taking an active role at EU level to promote the interest of the contact lens and lens care products manufacturers in the development of the legislation; and we are actively taking part in an education programme for members and ECPs to help them transition from the current Medical Devices Directive to the Medical Devices Regulation.
“Brexit is represents a great challenge and the European Commission published a series of legal notices to help manufacturers prepare. Several Notified Bodies in the optics field are based in the UK and designated by the UK competent authorities MHRA. While many of them informed they will relocate in the EU27, the clock is ticking and many questions on the availability of these bodies to perform audits in the EU27 remain open.

“To keep the market growing, it is important to gain new wearers and reduce the number of drop-outs. ECPs should communicate about the service they provide and create value of their professionalism. Beside the communication, the market will benefit from fitting innovative products, for astigmatism and presbyopia.”

The refreshed and reimagined three-day Clinical Conference and Exhibition is returning to Manchester from May 30 to June 1, featuring an action-packed programme with keynote speakers from around the world.

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