Blog: Lecture’s live streaming will see uveitis treatment shown around the world online

A scientific lecture examining the diagnosis and treatment of uveitis will be the first ever presentation fully live streamed by the British Contact Lens Association, allowing members across the world to access the content online.

The presentation, to be delivered by Professor Teifi James, will be recorded live and broadcast through the members’ resources section of the BCLA’s website, opening up the lecture to members unable to make it down to London for the event itself.

BCLA president Keith Tempany said: “We are looking forward to a bumper turn-out for what promises to be an unmissable guest lecture. However, we understand that not everyone can make it down to London for a midweek evening meeting. 

“We want our events, and the content shared at those events, to be available to as many of our members as possible and live streaming is something we have been looking at for a while. 

“Advances in technology now make this possible and we are thrilled to be able to offer this forthcoming presentation live on our website. Streaming this lecture online will open it up to BCLA members anywhere in the world.

“As an organisation we try to be pioneers and this is another example of us leading the way in offering more for our members. We are looking forward to members joining us live online and in the room on the night.”

The meeting, to be held at The Royal College of Nursing in London from 7pm on Tuesday, March 20, will provide an overview of uveitis diagnoses and treatments, including an explanation of the Standardised Uveitis Nomenclature (SUN) classification associated with specific uveitis scenarios.

Topics to be discussed include:

Infectious Uveitis
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis and irtis 
Auto-immune Non-infectious uveitis, 
Anterior Uveitis
Intermediate Uveitis
Posterior Uveitis
White Dot Syndrome

Prof James, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon, specialises in the management of uveitis and scleritis, caring for more than 1,200 of these patients. Over the last decade he has lectured extensively on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction; the tear film and the ocular surface.

He said: “For each condition we will consider signs and symptoms, tips in diagnosis and management, treatments and the changes in evolving presentations, epidemiology and management of these diverse and challenging conditions.

“The presentation will also address the surgical techniques involved in dealing with the consequences of uveitis, paying particular attention to uveitic cataract with posterior synaechiae and the surgical management of Band Keratopathy.”

Entry to the evening meeting is free for full BCLA members but places must be reserved in advance. Online registration for this event is now open. 

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