Wednesday, 18th November, 2020
#StopTheSteam and make the switch to contact lenses 

A new campaign spearheaded by the British Contact Lens Association is aiming to #StopTheSteam and eliminate the dreaded ‘fogging’ experienced by spectacle wearers whilst donning a face covering.
With face masks and visors now forming part of our everyday attire, the issue of fogging has, for many, become a real problem – hampering their work and making life uncomfortable when carrying out simple tasks such as going into a shop.

But the solution could be as simple as making the switch from glasses to contact lenses, with the campaign urging anyone who currently wears spectacles to try lenses as an alternative.
Chief executive of the BCLA, Luke Stevens-Burt, said: “Contact lenses are a safe and comfortable way to keep your vision crystal clear while you protect yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“While glasses can ‘fog up’ and hamper your vision when you are wearing a face mask, contact lenses keep you seeing clearly.
“Wearing contact lenses can be an effective way of ‘stopping the steam’ and allowing you to work and live in comfort while staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.”
The campaign comes in the wake of extensive research into the positive impact contact lenses can have during the COVID-19 global pandemic.
Fogging has been an issue for spectacle wearers working in a number of sectors, including optometry itself. 

It is hoped that this campaign, which includes a downloadable infographic, will raise the profile of contact lenses and encourage eye care professionals to discuss the option of trying lenses with patients left frustrated by steam caused by their glasses while wearing a mask. 
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