Dr. Fernando J Fernández-Velázquez

Global Ambassador: Fernando J Fernández-Velázquez


Tell us about yourself:
I´m an   Optometric Contact Lens Specialist and have a particular interest in keratoconus and myopia control.
A Madrid native and I went on to earn a Doctor of Optometry degree from The New England College of Optometry in Boston in 1992.  
I am a member of the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Optometrists.  I am also passionate about wine (probably as every Spaniard), and even something less common, I am a professional chocolatier. I also enjoy spending time with my brilliant kids.

What encouraged/inspired you to join the BCLA?
In my opinion, Contact lenses is the most inspiring speciality. It is in constant evolution; New materials, designs, and wear modalities to help our patients improve their vision and quality of life with the aid of cutting-edge technology. Moreover, new areas of expanding our practice as dry eye management and myopia control needing further education. 
The BCLA is the only worldwide contact lens devoted to professionals. It has a pivotal role in targeting my goals of helping my patients and improving my abilities and knowledge. Moreover, one of these great impulses in my life has been the opportunity to assist with the  CLEAR  project.  With the BCLA, I´m a better practitioner.

What do you hope to achieve by representing the BCLA as a Global Ambassador?
The BCLA deserves to be the leader in the contact lenses and anterior segment related field worldwide. A stronger BCLA  will drive better practitioners with more profound knowledge, abilities and clinical resources. I wish I could help in this mission.

Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Optometry, CITY UNIVERSITY London (UK).
Diplomado en Optica, UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE, Madrid, (Spain) .

Higher Qualifications
Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice.
Professional Certificate in Glaucoma. 

 Recent Publications

Fernández-Velázquez FJ, Fernández-Fidalgo MJ. Contact lens management in a late-stage trachoma and concurrent severe dry-eye: A case report. Cont  Lens Ant Eye 2021;44(1):120–2. 
Fernández-Velázquez FJ. Performance and predictability of a new large diameter contact lens design in keratoconic corneae. Cont Lens Ant Eye. 2019;42(3):289–94. 
Fernández-Velázquez FJ. Repeatability of Anterior Curvature Metrics in Healthy and Keratoconic Eyes with a Portable Handheld Topographer. Optom Vis Sci. 2018; 95:1142–8.
Fernández-Velázquez FJ, Fernández-Fidalgo MJ. Feasibility of custom-made hydrogel contact lenses in keratoconus with previous implantation of intracorneal ring segments. Cont Lens Ant Eye 2015; 38:351–6.