BCLA CLEARTM Contact Lenses

This BCLA global consensus report delivers evidence-based guidance to the profession on all aspects of prescribing and fitting contact lenses to allow for best patient care. CLEAR* stands for continued learning evidence-based academic reports. 

BCLA CLEARTM Contact Lenses sets the standard to which researchers and eye care professionals will refer for the latest information in the field and will also highlight opportunities for future research.  It features ten overview papers, each compiled by a panel chaired by internationally renowned experts. It was published in April 2021 in the  BCLA journal ‘Contact Lens and Anterior Eye and features work from panels of globally-respected experts. The topics areas and panel chairs are: 

Anatomy and Physiology of the Anterior Eye - Dr Laura Downie
Biochemistry of lens materials, coating, comfort drops and solutions - Professor Mark Willcox
Effect of lens materials/design on the anatomy and physiology of the eye - Professor Philip Morgan
Orthokeratology - Professor Pauline Cho and Associate Professor Stephen Vincent
Scleral lenses - Dr Melissa Barnett
Contact lens complications - Professor Fiona Stapleton
Medical use of contact lenses - Associate Professor Debbie Jacobs
Contact lens optics - Dr Kathryn Richdale
Future applications of contact lenses - Professor Lyndon Jones
Evidence based contact lens practice - Professor James Wolffsohn 

*The original BCLA CLEARTM published in 2021 stood for contact lens evidence-based academic reports but this was updated ahead of the second project on presbyopia (publication date 2024). The new definition allows for a broader range of important topics that will be covered in the future in the BCLA CLEARTM series.