BCLA President Rakesh Kapoor presents Professor Eric Papas with the BCLA Medal Award at the BCLA Clinical Conference & Exhibition in June 2023.

BCLA Medal Award

The BCLA Medal is the Association’s most prestigious award. It is awarded to an individual at the biennial BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition and recognises outstanding achievement in the field of contact lenses and/or anterior eye. This could represent a significant contribution to the development, understanding, appreciation or usage of contact lenses, through invention, research, industrial work, clinical practice, or a similar level of contribution relating to anterior eye or technology for assessing the anterior eye, or such other means that are considered appropriate by the BCLA Council. 

To be considered for the 2024 Medal, please return the nomination form by 7 November 2024, together with any additional pertinent information via email to [email protected]


BCLA Medal Award recipients

2023 Professor Eric Papas
2021          Professor James Wolffsohn

2019                       Professor Lyndon Jones
2017                       Professor Michel Guillon
2015                       Professor Fiona Stapleton
2014                       Professor Philip Morgan
2013                       Judith Morris
2012                       Professor Alan Tomlinson
2011                       Professor Mark Wilcox
2009                       Professor Debbie Sweeney
2010                       Dr Donald Korb
2008                       Professor Des Fonn
2007                       Professor H Dwight Cavanagh
2006                       Professor Charles McMonnies
2005                       Professor Ken Polse
2004                       Professor Leo Carney
2002                       Dr Hikaro Hamano
2003                       Professor Brian Tighe
2001                       Professor Nathan Efron
2000                       Professor Barry Weissman
1999                       Mr Keith Edwards
1998                       Professor Jan Bergmanson
1997                       Professor Brien Holden
1996                       Mr John Dart
1995                       Professor Richard Hill
1994                       Professor Irvin Fatt
1993                       Professor Otto Wichterle