Looking after your contact lenses

Follow your eyecare practitioner's advice carefully and completely to ensure that you always get the best from your contact lenses. Advances in contact lenses and solutions are constantly being made, bringing new benefits to contact lens wearers. Regular check-ups, with your eyecare practitioner, can enable you to get the best out of contact lenses, as you always use the most suitable products available and know that the lenses you are wearing are still the best for your eyes.

Your eyecare practitioner will advise you about the frequency of your follow-up appointments. The frequency of these aftercare appointments  will  be based purely on the eye care practitioner’s professional judgement of your  clinical needs, and will include considerations such as the type of contact lens worn and how often they are replaced.  Once your contact lens fitting has been completed, your practitioner will give you a specification for your contact lenses, which will indicate the expiry date and will include the date of your next scheduled check-up.

You may also be sent a reminder when your next visit is due. Remember to wear your contact lenses when you attend for your aftercare visits-unless you experience discomfort during wear. You may also be asked to bring along your lens case and solutions. Your eyecare practitioner will carry out a range of tests including a check of your vision, the fit of your lenses and the health of your eyes.

Should you be interested in trying new lenses, or have a problem with your contact lenses and or your eyes, or maybe just need some advice, then contact your eyecare practice immediately and, if necessary arrange, an appointment to see your eyecare practitioner.

Contact lenses seldom, if ever, cause serious eye complications and generally speaking, wearers only tend to get significant symptoms when a condition may be in its secondary or advanced stages. By having regular and planned aftercare examinations, you can ensure that you have good eye health and should there be any issues then they are more likely to be of a minor nature.

Remember to check your eyes each time you wear your lenses. If your eyes feel uncomfortable or look red, or if your vision becomes blurred with either eye, remove your contact lenses straight away, leave them off and seek the advice of your eyecare practice or practitioner immediately, even if you are not due for a check-up.

A good rule of thumb to remember is: "If in doubt take them out".