Daily disposable soft contact lenses

Daily disposable soft contact lenses, worn for a day then thrown away, are a very simple and convenient way of correcting your vision. They also offer high levels of comfort and ocular health.

First introduced in 1995, daily disposables now come in a range of hydrogel materials – including silicone hydrogels – and are capable of correcting most eyesight problems including astigmatism (generally caused by an irregular cornea) and presbyopia (difficulty focusing on near objects with age). Coloured and UV (ultraviolet)-blocking options are also available.

The latest daily disposable lenses incorporate special ingredients in the lens material or packaging solution to enhance and prolong comfortable wear. With daily disposables there is no need to clean and store the lenses. Only wearing the lenses for a day reduces the exposure of the eyes to debris that can build up on the lens with time, and avoids any sensitivity to contact lens solutions. In fact these lenses are one of the safest and most trouble-free contact lens options provided they are worn only for single use and daily wear.

Daily disposable lenses have high levels of satisfaction and the lowest overall rate of contact lens-related complications of all types of lenses. Many wearers find it easier to discard their lenses each day rather than having to remember when to replace them. Daily disposable users are also less likely to need extra visits to their practitioner between check-ups.

Although severe infections of the cornea (the clear part of the front of the eye) are extremely rare, daily disposables have the lowest risk of this complication of all soft lenses when used correctly. Under no circumstances should these lenses be used for more than a day or worn overnight. As with all types of contact lenses, the importance of following instructions carefully and having regular check-ups cannot be over-emphasised.

Daily disposable lenses are usually more expensive than other lens types if worn every day, although you'll save on the cost of solutions. They're especially convenient and cost-effective if you want to wear contact lenses part time – in fact they're ideal for sport, going out and occasional wear, or for use when travelling.

For more information on daily disposable lenses visit your eyecare practitioner who will help you decide which type is best suited to your needs.