2024 BCLA Sponsorship Opportunities
Educate, interact & promote growth

BCLA has been delivering cutting edge contact lens and anterior eye education to practitioners for over 40 years and BCLA events are your chance to showcase new research and industry innovations in the field. BCLA meetings attract a wide range of ocular health professionals, scientists and business experts, bringing together a unique interdisciplinary blend of knowledge and networking.

There is ample opportunity for you to take advantage of being part of a prestigious, internationally renowned organisation - whether you plan to support events on an individual basis, or you chose to increase your competitive edge by supporting multiple BCLA events/activities throughout the calendar year.

We have compiled a Sponsorship Brochure to highlight the key opportunities available for you to support and maximise your company’s profile including an introduction to our competitively priced sponsorship packages, along with additional opportunities that will be available to help you gain maximum brand awareness.

BCLA are happy to consider alternative sponsorship options/suggestions that are not listed in the brochure; to further discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected].

We look forward to working with you to help promote eye health and help more people become happy, healthy contact lens wearers and ultimately grow the contact lens category.