Member of the British Contact Lens Association (MBCLA) Postnominals

Use your MBCLA postnominals to show colleagues and patients your passion for contact lenses and eye health.

Full and honorary Members of the Association are permitted to use these postnominals.  Ultimately those using MBCLA will be recognised as supporting the growth of the contact lens and eye health category, by continually enhancing their skills to the benefit of their patients within this area of expertise.

The membership categories that can use MBCLA include: 

- Full BCLA Members (including direct debit payers) 
- Retired Members (including direct debit payers)
- Honorary Life members

The statement below is designed to set out the standards expected of full members of the BCLA using the post nominal letters MBCLA (Member of the British Contact Lens Association) to their name.

MBCLA will be available to all Full and Honorary Members of the BCLA. Use of these post-nominal letters will convey to all that the individual commits to;
promoting best practice in contact lens and ocular surface management to the benefit of patients
continual learning to refresh and enhance skills and knowledge in the management of contact lenses and the ocular surface
be an ambassador and promoter of the BCLA amongst Peers.

This will be demonstrated through;
attendance at one BCLA education event in any given calendar year, as a minimum. *
participation in a minimum of one BCLA Webinar per year
engagement with your Peers and wider networks to share BCLA materials and communications with a view to increasing BCLA membership and awareness.
*If location allows.

If you fall into the one of the above mentioned membership categories, and have read and accepted the full declaration, you are entitled to use the post nominal letters MBCLA. 

When can I start using MBCLA?

1. Ensure you have the right membership category to be able to use the post nominal letters. (Membership categories listed above).
2. To sign the declaration, you will need to log into your active BCLA membership account. Forgotten your password? click here for instructions to re-set. Do not create a duplicate account.
3. Click on your name at the top of the website to access your profile page
4. Click on the 5th tab along the top named 'MBCLA'
5. Read and tick to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions outlined for use of MBCLA.

 If you have any further queries, please email [email protected]