Meet a Member: Dr Keyur Patel

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I graduated from City Uni in 1999, after five years in general practice. I completed the US Dr of Optometry program in 2007 and returned home in 2008. Since returning, I have looked to provide care to special interest groups, initially glaucoma (hospital based), then, after completing DipGlauc and Dip IP, community based services. As well as ocular disease, I have an interest in complicated contact lens fitting and sports vision.

When did you first join the BCLA?

In January 2015.

Why did you sign up?

I was looking to improve my contact lens and anterior segment skill set and knowledge and I was lucky enough to have met and worked with Shelly Bansal and Brian Tompkins. They are both unbelievable in
their enthusiasm for contact lenses and the profession. It was inspirational.

Has it lived up to expectations?

Yes. Fantastic learning and development opportunities, the BCLA conference is superb as is the journal.

What are the biggest challenges facing the
industry and how can the BCLA help tackle those

Online sales and poor fitting and management leading to unnecessary drop out of lens wear. BCLA runs a great course on Dry Eye management (leading cause of drop out, due to comfort) and
is continually looking to educate and help its members keep at the forefront of technologies and methodologies needed for successful CL wear.

Why would you recommend the BCLA to others?

If you are looking to improve yourself, you want to learn from the best, then yes! I have done a lot of learning and sometime the most knowledgeable person is not the best teacher. The BCLA is full of knowledgeable professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic about contact lenses and the anterior eye and it is a great learning environment and a fun place to be.